Knanaya Jacobite Migration to UK


Divine providence is the definite source of inspiration to the Knanaya community to start a parish of their own in the United Kingdom. In the middle of 20th century the Knananites migrated from Kerala to United Kingdom in search of job and business. In the beginning of 21st century the flow of Knananites to United Kingdom has been increased due the policy of British government for professionals,specially in health care sector.

The real inspiration to organize a Knanaya church in the United Kingdom was originated from late lamented H.E Koober Neethi Hakimo Abraham Mor Clemis the former Chief Metropolitan of Knanaya samudayam. Mor Clemis, his Eminence sent Fr.Job Thottathil to the United Kingdom for higher studies in theology and authorized to execute all the priestly duties for the Knananites those who live in the United Kingdom. He was also insisted that to take necessary steps to commence a Knanaya church in United Kingdom through bull.No.124/02 dated 25/09/2002.

The first holy Eucharist was conducted by Rev. Fr. Job Thottathil on 23rd February 2003 at Holy Trinity Church, Birmingham. After the holy Qurbana (Eucharist) a meeting was held in the Church hall to discuss the future endeavours of the Knanaya Church in the United Kingdom. As a first step they decided to start a congregation in the name of St.Mary.

H.H Ignatius Zakka 1, the patriarch of Antioch and the supreme head of the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church approved this Knanaya congregation (St. Mary’s Knanaya Congregation) under the jurisdiction of the Knanaya Samudayam through the apostolic bulletin no. E 55/03 dated February 27th 2003. The patriarch appointed Rev. Fr. Job Thottathil as the first vicar of the congregation.

From then on  Holy Eucharist services had been celebrated In Birmingham.
Due to the increased inconvenience to attend the holly mass in Birmingham ,the people in different part of uk were started to think of conducting Holy Eucharist service in more convenient places .as the result of this  holly masses  had been conducted in Manchester and London in later months.

On July 25th 2004,a Holy Eucharist service was conducted by Rev.Fr.Job Thottathil in St;Elizabeth church,Wythenshawe,Manchester.This was the beginning of the Manchester church.

 In October 2005 H E Arch Bishop Mor Kuriakose Severios visited the UK. On that occasion he has  declared three independent Knanaya churches: which are  St.Mary’s Church Birmingham, St Paul’s & St. Peter’s Church London andSt. George’s Church Manchester, respectively.and on the same period of time  he consider the request of people from Bristol and Wales for their need of an independent church ,considering  the request to satisfy the spiritual and moral need of people from south west of UK, his grace declared   an independent parish in Bristol and named ST. Stephens Knanaya Church through bulletin no. 22/06 dated on 15th February 2006. The first Holy Eucharist in Bristol was conducted by Fr.Job Thottathil on 29th January 2006 at St.Antony’s Catholic Church, Henbury, and Bristol.

In the same day[29th January 2006],the first Holly Eucharist of St.John’s church, Cardiff and Swansea took place by the approval of H E Arch Bishop Mor Kuriakose Severios.

A few months later some members of the St. Mary’s Church Birmingham expressed their wish to start a new congregation in another part of Birmingham. As a result of their  requests the dioces and metropolitan granted permission for a new congregation in Birmingham.On 9th April 2006 (Palm Sunday), Rev Fr. Jacob Mannumpuram during hisUK visit, celebrated the first Holy Eucharist in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham for this newly formed congregation.

From  the period of 2008-2009,knanaya people in  Middlesbrough and surroundings  started to celebrate the Holy Eucharist  every alternate month in the leadership of  FR, Job thottathil,this is one of the newly formed  congregations of knanaya jacodite samudayam in uk,in 2012 february 12th this congregation has declared as ‘’St. Mary’s Church" by the regional Bhisop Ayub Mor Silvanos.[Europe/US/Canada].

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